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Command Support

If You have any Question (about Server Commands) ask them here.

I have a Couple Questions myself:
Originally Posted by Some of My Questions
1. Does anyone know the Values for the /voicemode codes (Direct, Relay, Server Relay)?
2. The WORKING network Regions?
3. Value to turn off heros
4. Hero Unlock Rule Values (Always, Captures, Kills, Points, Reinforcements, Timer)
5. Hero Assignment Rule Values?
(Most Points, Most Kills, Most Deaths, Least Points, Least Kills, Least Deaths, Random, Hero Slayer)
6. Hero Unlock Team Values? (One Team, Both Teams Simultaneous, Both Teams Seperate, Cycle Teams)
7. Finally, How to Change all the Reinforcement and timers for Each game type
(Conquest Time Limit, CTF Time Limit, Hero LVL Time Limit, Hunt Time Limit, CTF Score Limit, Conquest Reinforcements, Hero LVL Score Limit )

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