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Originally Posted by Cheech Marin
What I'm wondering is, if Order 66 is a genetic programming kind of thing, why didn't any red lights go off for the Kaminoans when they found out that their clones had a secret order to kill Jedi when they were told to?
Darth Sidious probally asked for a set of implanted commands, which he could use to control his army. Remember Episode II? When Obi-Wan visited Kamino, he was told that Darth Sidious ordered the army. Therefore, everyone involved, in the creation of the Clones, would have agreed to a set of implanted codes and commands. Otherwords, it was in their design. Every Clone would be affected regardless of their freedoms or status. Safe guard... Very wise!

Obi-Wan learned in Episode II that Kaminoans were out for credits. Therefore, they really don't care about what they are used for..
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