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Simple proof

I'll recap what was said and add my own tidbits. First off, as said earlier, you can make comparisons between Star Wars and any other leader/war in history. Second, if you really read between the lines in Star Wars, the movies could also be: anti-Judeo-Christian-Mulism, pro-life, pro-communism and, what the heck, anti-gay. I'll go into more details on this.

Jesus Christ (and some OT prophets) also discussed the "if you're not with me, you're against me," motto, so does that mean that Star Wars is anti-Judeo-Christian-Muslim too? Well, that'd make sense, since Lucas is a Buddhist.

Hmmm...notice that in Star Wars, Lucas does not endorse pre-martial sex, Anakin and Padme wait until they are married, and even though Padme lost her husband, she decides not to abort the babies.

As Palpatine gains strength and power in the Republic, more and more economic control becomes his. Notice, who the Sepratists where? Trade Federation, Banking Clan, etc. COMPANIES, capitalists! Uh, Bush is a capitalist, thus he can't be communist. Rather, it's flipped. "The insurgency," in the real world, have dictatorial leaders, and endorse socialism. In other words, the economic stances between Star Wars/real wars, are the EXACT opposite.

Finally, in episodes II and III, you hear mention that Anakin is forbidden to "have a WIFE." mention of "life partner." In fact, throughout Star Wars, you only hear of STRAIGHT couples. Now, does this mean that Star Wars is anti-gay? Except of course, maybe C-3P0 and R2 had something going on.

Bottom line, no matter that you say, think, or do, Star Wars will always have some "hidden message" to it.


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