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Leave it to Grooves to bump an old thread, but what ever.

I got Battlefront II, I just got home from work at the time of this posting. For those of you that don't already know, i'm an assistant manager at GameStop, so employee discounts are nice. I also traded in a stack of my old games that I had not played in months, and the nice part of that is that it wipes out sales tax all together. So I got this game around $40. Reviews across the board are really high on this one, plus Battlefront was the hands down the best selling and most popular Star Wars game that came out in the last two years. Can't wait to play this, I loved the old one, and this one looks even better. The TV commercials really hooked me on this one! Hopefully they improved the online performance, because the last one really lagged bad for me on a dsl connection. Even so, i'm sure i'll get alot of milage out of this one.
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