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Originally Posted by El Virus
Twin Peaks?, would you believe me if I told you that they actually air the show at 2.00 am each Friday, on Universal Channel? And, the DVDs of their seasons are being sold at a music store, so, I guess I could take a look at it.
I wouldn't believe you. In the US, it aired in the early nineties, was cancelled and completely forgotten. No syndications and I wouldn't have ever discovered it if it weren't for Lynch's name being on it so I jumped on it right off. The show is eccentric and interesting but the reason to view it is to learn enough about the world to understand the film, which is the amazing part. The fans of the show weren't very satisfied with the movie considering the show was quirkey, fun, and a little deep and mysterious in a very subtle way, while the movie was pure dark, brisk, violent horror but still a beautiful operatic piece of cinema to say the least. I'd jump on it.

Originally Posted by El Virus
Directors I do not like include, Hitchcock, I believe “Psycho” is overrated, and so are many others. Needless to mention, Spielberg…
I like Hitchcock, don't judge his entire work with just "Psycho"(which I think would've been great if it weren't everybody in the world knowing the plot beforehand), he's got a wide variety of stuff.

As for folks like Speilberg, Lucas, Camoran, etc....Not much of a fan either

Originally Posted by El Virus
Sript Writing perhaps…
Ooh. Writer. Yes, I'm there as well. I'm running my own web series right now called "Homoestasis", I'll post a link to it once it I get it going.

But a lot of the factions of filmmaking interest me: Directing, writing, editing, even composing music for film seem like awesome jobs.

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