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Originally Posted by zerted
Nooooooo. I just typed a very detailed reply only to have it erased when I hit the BackSpace key when attempting to delete a letter, but IE went back one page... Anyway the short version:
You get a technician award by slicing into an enemy vehicle. To slice into a vehicle, use the reapiring 'weapon' on the vehicle. A green % will show up display how much of a % you have completed. When it reaches 100%, the enemy units inside the vehicle will pop out. The vehicle is locked for a second, then you can jump in. You don't need to get into the vehicle to get the award. If you do get in the vehicle, you get a nautomatic vehicle health regeneration for that vehicle.

Note: The enemy units stay alive when they pop out, so watch your back.
Nice. That what I'm gonna be doing the next few days.

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