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Here and I thought the problem was they didn't change much?

It's true lots of little things change, but I guess that's what you get with most sequels. The only thing people really can agree they want changed in a sequel these days it seems is the graphics...

Honestly I think they should have spent more time on the gameplay. SWBF1 had some serious flaws that needed addressing. But oh well. SWBF2 is the game they "meant" to release all along, according to them (shades of Lucas talking about Star Wars!). Honestly after playing the beta and a few hours spent on the full version I am undecided. In some ways its better, in a few ways its worse, but in many more ways it seems like more of the same.

However I have not played every inch of the game yet, I give it a fair chance over the next few months (as I get more time to play).

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