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Originally Posted by Vladimir-Vlada
* A tear falls from his eye... *
When I think at how good all these people are, I wish that I never cam here. Because all I got was even more people who are better than me. This is a place where I don't belong; It is too good to be plauged by someone like me...

I am sorry.
No more humility! Do not berate yourself... you are much more kind and ethical than other members on the forums. Example:

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I am going do something fun. If any kiddies come to my door and say "Trick or treat!" I'm going take out a huge bowl of excellent candy, start eating some of it in front of them, laugh maniacally and then slam the door on their unhappy little faces.

After a little while of that, I'll dress up as a scarecrow, put a chair outside my door, sit on it, place a bowl of candy on my lap, and put down a sign that says "Please take one." I'll then go totally limp and wait for more kids to arrive. As they put their hands into the bowl, I'll suddenly clamp my arm down over the bowl and shout "MINE!" I'll then deny them the candy.

After that, when I open the door for more kids, I'll pretend to have multiple personalities, one dominant one, once meek one, and one peace-loving one. I'll give out orders to myself, try to resist, hold debates, and take both sides. I'll even start yelling at hitting myself while I curl up in the corner, and then I'll shout "Oh, stop it, you two!", and then I'll turn against my peace-loving personality.

I figure that'll scare them away.

If there are any kids after that, I'll pretend to be Gollum. No matter what I do, they won't get candy.

And if they annoy me too much, they will feel the wrath of the Sith.
Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
In fact, I just did all of those activities! It was good fun. And as an added bonus, I criticized all their costumes.
Need I say more?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I
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