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Name: Scur Jal' Daan
Faction: Jedi Council
Rank: Jedi Consular II
Equipment: Blue Jedi Consular robes
Weapon: Dual Lightsabers; Silver/Orange
Specialties: Force Precognition, Force Heal, Piloting, 1-on-1 Fighting
Weaknesses: Close together fighting

"We need to evacuate the younger jedis if we plan on having a jedi council left!" Scur exclaimed to the Jedi Chancellor. "If we do they will shoot the escape pods leaving the Area. So we need to destroy all artillery and starfighters blockading us." the Chancellor replied.
"What about the underground passage to the secret hangar miles awa..."
"The path was crushed when the Civic Fleet landed all their ships." the Chancellor said interrupting Scur. Scur thought for a second. "Well then, I'll take a group of Jedi out the back exit and find the artillery." Scur commanded as he walked out the room, before the Chancellor could add something.

(((Hey Fate, I was wondering if you could add some anti-aircraft weapon placements for the list on your beginning post maybe some around the top of the Jedi Temple? Or can there be some anti-aircraft placements without adding anything to the top of your list of vehicles?)))

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