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Originally Posted by Angarah
The snows so bright I can barely see..
Oh good, it's not just my computer. The ground on Hoth is blindingly white, which is annoying. Also, on Naboo, the ground is completely black in most places.

I haven't gotten there in ROTE yet, though. I'm on Prison Escape now. (I got to the end and had to blow up the transport, but didn't do it fast enough, and apparently they "got away" even though I'm still standing right next to the firmly landed transport, fighting the firmly landed rebels.)
I'm surprised people are having trouble with Mustafar. I never would have guessed that it would be a problem level for people, because it seemed as easy as any of the not-that-difficult missions. I didn't have too much trouble on Coruscant, either, but I came pretty close to losing on the Library part. I thought I was alright then suddenly realized that there was only one bookcase left. Luckily, no more Jedi showed up after that.

Jennaida- I've noticed that about the AI, and it really pisses me off. It's retarded that they always specifically target the player. No matter how many better targets are right in front of them, firing at them. It's totally unrealistic and is so frustrating. Especially when my bot freinds don't even kill the guy who is now firing at me.
Also, I've noticed that it isn't even when you fire on them. I swear there are times when I've just started lining someone up in my crosshairs from a distance and they spontaneously turn directly towards me and start firing. And on Mygeeto especially, I'll be empire and working my way down the side platforms of the bridge to the Rebel's starting CP, and I'll suddenly be the target of volley after volley of missles from the tanks. I'm off on my own killing infantry, while a dozen fellow stormtroopers are storming the bridge itself, with tanks of their own, and botht eh Alliance tanks will launch all their *missles* directly at me.
So stupid. It's definitely my biggest complaint with the game so far.

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