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Question PS2 Dedicated Servers>>>Problem hosting a game.

I have the pc dedicated server for the ps2 and tried to create a game through it. I chose the selections through the applicaton in my pc screen that I wanted on it and pressed the start button. After a couple of seconds the start button just becomes pressable again, then I went to check the games servers through my ps2 and the server I supposedly created was nowhere. I dont think the application started the server I had told it to do and do not know what else to do. Ive seen servers under clan names (bunch of servers under same clan, ex. SWA had like five servers with no ppl in them).

Does mean that there can only be a certain number of human hosted servers in the game at one time? I've alread checked the forums where I downloaded the application from and found no help file for the application. I need help concerning the ps2 dedicated server if anyone can tell me where to look for answers.


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