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Post Sith Lords: You know you have it bad when...

Hey all,
I just joined the forum and don't have much to say so I came up with this
list. Nice site BTW...It rocks!

Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic: Sith Lords

You know you have it bad when...

1. You have already won the game 8 times and you start using female
characters instead of Males as your player, just to change the game
some. Yes, you've been caught, and yes we are laughing at you right now!

2. You start at Peragus and use cheats so you can leave Kreia locked in
the morgue, only to figure out she walks through walls and escapes.

3. No matter how many times you fail trying to open the Freedom Nad Tome
Special Items containers, you still find yourself reloading the level until you
pass the tests. (I spent 30 minutes doing that for an item I didn't even use)

4. You find yourself going back to planets you already been to, just to kill
1 or 2 more people. (to make the game last longer)

5. You search the NET until your modem explodes just to find that R2D2
model addon that no ones made yet. (some may experience this with C3PO)

6. At the end of the game, you finally figure out that Handmaiden, isn't going
to give up the.............and you feel TOTALLY cheated!

Feel free to post addons for this
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