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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Well I've got SWBF2 now finally, the verdict isn't in yet though. So far I don't see much change from the beta, but I'll give you my thoughts when I have seen more of the game.
It's a great game overall. Although like any game, when the smack talkers come in late at night and ruin everything, it's time to either quit or go to another server. Actually, i'm not the one getting yelled at this time, i'm actually doing pretty good. But when people act like punks and start yelling assorted crap like "get out of my room, n00b, quit !@#ing up my team", or just shouting constant verbal diahreah in anybody's direction, I always leave just on general principals. I hate people that act like that. Thats the main reason I don't play Halo 2 anymore.

Edit- sorry about that post, I just got off a server after about 2 hours streight, and now i'm a bit pissed off. I really hate the way alot of people act in online gameing.
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