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Seeing as I'm pretty young I'm surprised to say that I'm most like HK.

That's probably why he's my favourite char.

I mean, I'm sarcastic, have a very dry sense of humour, am obsessed with destroying things, and I also have the weird habit of saying 'query' before asking a question... I've done it since I was seven...

I kinda act like a droid sometimes too, just standing there and not talkng, or sometimes I just automatically do something. I'm just weird like that.

Sidious: I have a proposition for you.
Me: I'm all ears.
Sidious: Join the dark side...
Me: ...That's it?
Sidious: Yep.
Both: ............
Sidious: Uh...You get a red lightsaber?
Me: O.o! Ooh! Gimme!
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