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...and make more lame gametypes for putrid honor saberists. Great Work!!
If I am wrong about the definition of "honor saberist" then forgive me, but I consider myself an honor saberist, if ONLY in the duel/power duels. I really have little choice, because of my weapon choice, but I never saber a chatting duelist on purpose. I don't use butterflies and katas unless I am surrounded, and I never grip-kick.

I don't do these things especially because of my weapon choice. Wielding the Saber Staff has gotten me more flak than anything else I've done in my life. Consider these:

"We don't allow the Staff"
"Only n00bs need the Staff"
"The Staff is a cheat get lost"

If I don't play as an honor saberist, I get kicked. Sometimes I'm dropped because of my screen name. So, I have to bind my own hands, and play handicapped, a moronic consequence of liking the Staff. So, be careful of calling us putrid: I personally have no choice, and I get satisfaction out of playing with honor... and winning! (If I can get a game...)

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