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Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
I wouldn't believe you [...] I'd jump on it.
Wait, perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly. They used to give re-runs of the show at each Friday; at least until August when I checked the guide. However, I have seen the DVDs of the show (I think, perhaps I'm mistaken, though) being sold; since my anniversary is coming, I might see if I get it.

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
I like Hitchcock, don't judge his entire work with just "Psycho"(which I think would've been great if it weren't everybody in the world knowing the plot beforehand), he's got a wide variety of stuff.
True, quite true.Yet, I've seen some of his movies, and they are very good but just not my style.

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
Ooh. Writer. Yes, I'm there as well. I'm running my own web series right now called "Homoestasis", I'll post a link to it once it I get it going.
But a lot of the factions of filmmaking interest me: Directing, writing, editing, even composing music for film seem like awesome jobs.
I'd love to write a script. Perhaps you have read that fanfic-like crap I once wrote; but that was just written to waste some time, and try something new. If I have the right idea in mind (I usually tend to have it), I can write truly good and symbolic things (of course, that does not mean that I do not tend to be too lazy to write them, so they end up being forgotten). That reminds me, I need to start writing those two stories...
What's that web series thing all about?, seems promising. I'll be waiting for the link.

I think that cinema is a rather underestimated art, most people tend to include it inside the list of arts; but call it derogatively "the seventh art", as if it weren't as important as the rest, and only made it into the list by luck. Besides, not many know how to watch a film...
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