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Originally Posted by Darth Moeller
Well maybe I worded it incorrectly. What I meant was that there were no posts in a thread for over a month, not the thread had been around for a month.
Well, maybe I worded it incorrectly, but that was what I was talking about, too.

In my experience most threads that haven't been posted in in over a month need a new thread, but maybe it's different in the parts of LF I don't visit as often.
I would say it is okay to post in a thread where the last post was made more than a month ago as long as it still contributes to the topic of the thread. In some cases it even might be okay if way more time than a month has past. I think that is not really uncommon whereever you are at LF.

So in general, there should be no problem with digging up older threads and it surely doesn't happen that much to be an issue, and like I said before, if it contributes to the thread it should be fine. Plus a simple message wouldn't stop a spammer, if that's your concern.

If you don't like to post in such threads, you might consider to use the filter or simply taking care of the last post's date.

And finally, there's the brilliant team of mods, sup-mods and admins who love their job and generously will take care of any misbehaviour and unnecessary thread-diggin', rule of thumb hereby is described with the following formula:

((admin + bad hair day) - coffee) + you posting whereever = immediate deletion of your account


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