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Originally Posted by JekRendar
I'll recap what was said and add my own tidbits. First off, as said earlier, you can make comparisons between Star Wars and any other leader/war in history. Second, if you really read between the lines in Star Wars, the movies could also be: anti-Judeo-Christian-Mulism, pro-life, pro-communism and, what the heck, anti-gay. I'll go into more details on this.

Jesus Christ (and some OT prophets) also discussed the "if you're not with me, you're against me," motto, so does that mean that Star Wars is anti-Judeo-Christian-Muslim too? Well, that'd make sense, since Lucas is a Buddhist.
Lucas is Buddhist? Where did you read that... I've never seen such a thing from any of his biographical info. Source would be nice. You may be getting him confused with Lawrence Kaseden (sp?) though who I heard was Buddhist, and he purposely contributed to much of the Buddhist influenced stuff about Yoda in ESB.

About Lucas's religion, it's rather vague. He was raised Methodist (and participated in Lutheranism in his youth). In interviews he's said he believes in "God" though he also uses Star Wars to illustrate his beliefs (not that he literally believes in the Force, but that it helps to illustrate what he feels about God and faith). It should be remembered though that the primary work we're talking about here was not produced entirely by Lucas himself, but he had other directors and writers helping him (only Star Wars itself and the prequels were controlled completely by him... though he did have a co-writer for AOTC, according to the credits).

Hmmm...notice that in Star Wars, Lucas does not endorse pre-martial sex, Anakin and Padme wait until they are married, and even though Padme lost her husband, she decides not to abort the babies.
Which doesn't prove anything one way or another... Many religious people today permit pre-marital sex and abortion, while many also oppose them. Some do so against the teachings of their own faith, but other times it's their own leaders who allow these things.

As Palpatine gains strength and power in the Republic, more and more economic control becomes his. Notice, who the Sepratists where? Trade Federation, Banking Clan, etc. COMPANIES, capitalists! Uh, Bush is a capitalist, thus he can't be communist. Rather, it's flipped. "The insurgency," in the real world, have dictatorial leaders, and endorse socialism. In other words, the economic stances between Star Wars/real wars, are the EXACT opposite.
Some have accused Lucas of being a socialist liberal. Of course there are many comparisons of the Empire to the nazis (Lucas even slips and calls the Imperials "Nazis" in one of the commentaries on the OT set). In a deleted scene for Star Wars, Biggs tells Luke that the Empire has "already started to nationalize commerce in the central systems" and speculates that Uncle Owen will soon be "just a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire."

While it's a bit of a stretch, a classic bit of rhetoric among western Democrats and other liberals is to label western conservatives and Republicans as "fascists" and compare them to the Nazis. I'm not saying Lucas is doing this, but the precedent exists in real life.

Finally, in episodes II and III, you hear mention that Anakin is forbidden to "have a WIFE." mention of "life partner."
Actually it never says wife that I recall. Obi-Wan just says "you've made a commitment to the Jedi Order, one not easily broken" and Padme says "love.. I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi." There's been some nonesense in interviews that sex wasn't forbidden for Jedi, only marriage, but whatever. Would it make sense for Jedi to have thousands of illegitimate children and mistresses (or boyfriends) running around? Maybe that's what the younglings are! (scandal conspiracy theory gears churning)

Lucas I believe once said that he patterned the romance in his films after old movies that showed kisses, but no actual sex.. vs. modern movies (at the time, 70's, 80's) tended to try to titillate audiences with bedroom scenes and nudity. Rather than beat the audience over the head that the two characters are "in love" by showing them sleeping together... but then he also wanted his movies to be for kids, and didn't feel such things were appropriate to show. I mean in all likelyhood Anakin and Padme did the nasty... but he doesn't show it.

Anyway, there you go.

In fact, throughout Star Wars, you only hear of STRAIGHT couples. Now, does this mean that Star Wars is anti-gay? Except of course, maybe C-3P0 and R2 had something going on.
Good point. Some have said that SW must be anti-gay because it doesn't show homosexuals (barring any jokes about C3PO's demeaner), or complaining about how there aren't any "asian Jedi" or not enough female characters, etc. Rumor was that they got Billy Dee Williams to play Lando to avoid criticism that there weren't any black main characters (forgetting James Earl Jones since he was just doing voice acting). Some have argued that since Jesus or God is not explicitly mentioned, then Star Wars endorses a belief in the occult (forgetting any metaphorical interpretations of the mysticism in the movies). One could even try to argue that the Jedi endorse lying (since Obi-Wan twists the truth to Luke via the later movie's events) and assasination (Mace Windu). They might also say that the Jedi's stoicism is unhealthy (is that really a fair analysis of their philosophy?).

Bottom line, no matter that you say, think, or do, Star Wars will always have some "hidden message" to it.
Agreed. I'm not disagreeing with your general statement (and rhetorical questions), only explaining a few bits in your examples!

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