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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
If I am wrong about the definition of "honor saberist" then forgive me
The 'honorz' players that people refer to are usually those that complain about being 'lamed' in any gametype (even when they deserve to be killed, such as in the above example, where it keeps the game moving along) and often try to turn others to their silly ways. These players are particularly foolish in games such as CtF - I find it funny when 'chatting' players on the other team complain when I kill them for standing on my flag-spot. >_>

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Wielding the Saber Staff has gotten me more flak than anything else I've done in my life. Consider these:

"We don't allow the Staff"
"Only n00bs need the Staff"
"The Staff is a cheat get lost"

If I don't play as an honor saberist, I get kicked.
You must simply play on terrible servers. I never get that sort of response when I use a Saber Staff (but then, I mainly play on the CtF servers, and those seem to contain better people in general).

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
I get satisfaction out of playing with honor... and winning!
That's great. =) It's a shame many people give the Saber Staff a bad name - it requires skill like all other weapons.
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