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BZZT. Wrong-o! If you say that, then I say Blue Stance is a cheat, because Strong users must use a yaw-cheat to catch up with them. And it only takes less skill to wield a saber staff if you are a no good idiot who holds down the primary+alt fires all the time. You know, katas all the time. That's a B-S strategy. I use the kata when hemmed in on FFA, but never in a 1-on-1 duel, rarely in a 2-on-1 duel. Only in power duels when I am alone. If you don't use cheap moves like that, the Staff can be kinda slow. I hit some combo of Forward-Right and Backward-Left or something like that, and the staff spins fast in a horizontal swipe. NOT the twirl, mind you. That too is cheap...

The 'honorz' players that people refer to are usually those that complain about being 'lamed' in any gametype (even when they deserve to be killed, such as in the above example, where it keeps the game moving along) and often try to turn others to their silly ways. These players are particularly foolish in games such as CtF - I find it funny when 'chatting' players on the other team complain when I kill them for standing on my flag-spot. >_>
Ah, so there is a difference between Honor and honorz? I'll remember that. I play for honor, meaning no cheap moves, no chatting in a hallway and using chat god, etc. And if they stand on the flag spot the deserve to be fragged, IMO. That is worse than continual katas.

You're arguing.
Do not argue with me on this issue.
You will get dominated
Ha! I challenge thee! I will argue with you all you want! Just beware: I may be Lightside MOST of the time, but I show no mercy if I think I am right in an arguement.

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