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Read through some of it. I agree with you that you can spam the staff. Just as you can spam the single. Yes, he is a dumb@$$, but not for arguing. He was wrong, and wouldn't admit it. Yeah, you can butterfly all you want and spam it. Yes, you can use the wheel to attack. Did I not mention I fight with honor? I hate spammers like that, I'm on your side there. I merely don't think ALL saber staves are bad.

Are they overpowered? I never noticed. I can come out in the lead, but not more than a couple of kills in FFA, unless I am playing vs. Bots. Vs. Bots I come out 20 kills ahead. Vs. people, I can lead by 4 if I am extremely lucky, usually I am BEHIND in score. If the staff is overpowered, please enlighten me on how to take advantage of this.

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