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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
Have you ever actually tried the Saber Staff?

You sound like you've argued this in the past, so I'll just go and quote your old posts.

There we go. =)

The Single Saber has range. Range (in the hands of a skilled player) beats the damage of the Saber Staff.

The backflip move is pretty useless - it's very difficult to actually hit somebody with it (as it is very easy to dodge), and if you're simply using it to evade, you'd be better off with a normal jump (so you're not locked in place).

The Saber Staff doesn't have quite as much need for Saber Offense, true, but it is still certainly valuable. It does allow the saber to have a greater chance of breaking through an enemy block (don't get that mixed up with a saber lock, as many do - it does, of course, help with that too though).

That's incredibly easy to beat - especially with the Single Saber (remember - range is your friend). On any good server a player slashing like that will be mowed down in seconds.

Every saber has spammy/cheap moves (though out of them all, the Single Saber seems to have the most useful ones), and any player can use these. You say the Single Saber is the only one that requires skill, but have you really taken a look in depth at the other saber types? Many players, including myself, would go so far as to say that they require more skill to use properly. Perhaps it's because I played a lot of Jedi Outcast, but I find the Single Saber far easier to use than any other type.

You said somewhere that you dislike the side-slashing windmill tactics of the Saber Staff, and yet you use the same tactics with the Single Saber?

Remember, the Single Saber comes with three styles that should be used as one.

Covered above.

Exactly. This makes them weaker. The element of surprise is a requirement when fighting skilled players. The Single Saber wins here, again.

That doesn't really make much of a difference, actually.

I use both the Single Saber and the Saber Staff, and I perform significantly better when using the former. I believe it is easier to use.

That's all for now.

Edit: How dare people post things while I'm typing my message? =/
On Range: The problem with this is that red, the style with the most range, is so painfully slow unless yawspeeded (i.e. you cheat) it is useless on anyone who turtles/only counters. Plus your moving speed is slowed allowing easy counters. Yellow, with #2 in range, fails to even consistently penetrate staff/dual's superior block and tends to go into knockback from it.

On Backflip: Very untrue. A backflip grants the staffer nearly invincible defense for almost no force use and no lagtime. It can be chained out of almost any move the staffer has, even butterfly. Plus, since it is a rising attack, if the singler gets hit it is so fast they do not block well and take massive head damage, usually to the tune of 60, 90 HP in worst-case scenario.

PLUS, it can be wiggled to make the staffer a defense god. If you thought it was decent before, wiggling it gives it more defense, more damage,a nd a higher chance of hitting.

On Saber Offense: This is so, but it is also so that said guard penetration is greater for a singler with equal levels in Offense.

On Normal Slash Spam Tactics: The problem is, the most consistent guard penetrating attack against such tactics is red style. Which is slow and is PROVEN to cause a significant delay in the user's movement. Thus, it is fairly easy for the staffer to evade red in contrast to the slowed down red user to evade staff. Increased block also comes into play.

On Spammy Specials: Which specials do single have that are not trounced by those on staff/dual? Lunge? Dual steals it and makes it better via the frontal invincibility granting Double Lunge. So what's left? Katas and DFAs. All of which root them to the spot and can be lunged or BFed past consistently unless the singler yaw-cheats (and even then Double Lunge still proves near infallable).

On Side Slashing: I'm angry at staff's version because yellow's has a chain limit while staff's does not, plus staff's has higher guard penetration, higher speed, and comparable damage.

Furthermore, there's the abominable yellow twitch. If you side swing with base yellow and switch to staff in the middle of a swing, you 'twitch' very rapidly, which allows a nearly flawless guard break vs. singles and somewhat less so vs. duals.

On Yellow Vs. Staff/Dual: This is so, but red has a critical weakness and thus I had to break down style uses seperately. Red is nonetheless the best against them overall, except for the speed weakness. Blue and Yellow simply fail to consistently guard break and Yellow leaves itself open for counters.

On Surprise: See Yellow vs. Staff/Dual. Blue and Yellow are simply nowhere near as effective against them as red, hence while you do have more options, most of them quite frankly suck butt.

On Sweep Backstab: It grants increased block, and more damage IS more damage.

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