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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
The damage it causes is irrelevant - it is easy to dodge if you know what you're doing.

Proven? It doesn't need to be proven - you can simply see the difference. >_>

Is that always a bad thing? Katas are pretty useless mostly, as they can be easily dodged. Therefore, the time to use them would be when you know it will hit, or can surprise an enemy with them - for example, performing a kata at the top of a lift, hitting an unsuspecting player. Here, being rooted to the spot would allow you to cover the whole area and annihilate the enemy. Certainly, in open areas, being rooted to the spot is suicide. But this doesn't apply everywhere.

That depends on the two players - I often see Yellow and Blue styles used to defeat Dual/Double Sabers. Easily.
Back/Sideflip Continued: I was speaking in the context of dueling, in which damage isn't irrelevant... But the point is that it can be suddenly chained out of almost anything. If you get a block off a staff strike, semi-rare as that is, and move in for the kill, you stand a chance of being decked by a sudden flip (I apologize, I was including side flip in the backflip thing. Points mostly stand in backflip's case except for damage, it's still an excellent defense.).

On Katas/DFAs: While this is so, you can also jump over most of them or lunge past. They ARE however useful if the enemy is stupid enough to jump a LITTLE too close to your front too often. Shame that most JKAers ARE that stupid.

On Blue and Yellow: Yeah, you do. And I'm one of the people who does it. Pity usually the staffers suck outrageously and the singlers are good if said staffers lose to them consistently. That hardly damages the point.

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