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Slumber Party rpg

(Um, yeah another one. Plot: Psychonauts and fancharacters are at a slumber party at um... Milla's house I guess. Anyone can be there they just have to arrive. All OOC goes in (). I'm Milla 'kay.

Rule: If you type in paranethesis you...
a.have to contribute to the rpg somehow. Meaning your character has to do something
b.It has to actually have to with the plot for the rpg. Not "Where is ..." or "I'm so bored..."

and no killing off people characters. After everyone has a character, you can go back and pick more if you want.

Plot recap: Um...We're somewhere and we're having a party. That's it.)

Milla, already wearing her nightclothes, set up the food and the music and waited for the guests to arrive.

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