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Originally Posted by zerted
To slice into a vehicle, use the reapiring 'weapon' on the vehicle. A green % will show up display how much of a % you have completed. When it reaches 100%, the enemy units inside the vehicle will pop out. The vehicle is locked for a second, then you can jump in.
Note: The enemy units stay alive when they pop out, so watch your back.
OK, now it all makes sense....I first thought slicing would do damage, like if you sliced long enough it would destroy the vehicle. Plus I think the slicing has to be continuous, if it stops at any point I believe you have to start all over again. AND, it explains why I got to 100% once only to keep hitting 'E', wondering why I can't get in, then finally being "mysteriously" killed...(by the units that had popped out, not knowing they were there.)
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