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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
By SINGLE SABER wielders. If anything, the staff is at a disadvantage, because the range isn't so good.
Originally Posted by thehomicidalegg
hard to master versing good single users
Exactly. The Saber Staff and Dual Sabers are naturally chaotic weapons (i.e. at first, the sabers seem to flail about randomly), and therefore they require a great deal of skill/time to use properly/accurately. The Single Saber, on the other hand, isn't chaotic. It swings exactly where you want, accurately, and at varying ranges/speeds, which you can set as you wish. It has the best accuracy and range of any saber type, while the Saber Staff and Dual Sabers require time and effort to be used well. I find the Single Saber to be an incredibly easy weapon to use.
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