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Actually, they do more damage than yellow over time on average due to marginally greater speed, greater chain capability, AND their tendency fdor their strikes to go higher than single. Words cannot describe how often I've been headshotted/instakilled by a staff diagonal that somehow went right past the red style swing coming at it.

The range deficiency the staff/duals have is laughable since they don't slow down the user like red style, the greatest saber in terms of range does. Thus, the staff or dualler can move back a bit, watch the legit red user miss, then go for the fast diagonal for an easy hit due to the slowdown.

The chaos of dual/staff works for their advantage, as you can pretty much let it do its thing and it'll let you win most of the time. Hell, most people who play me can vouch for my power over single, yet I can lose to diagonal staff charge tactics in an FFA, which even Only One Cannoli admits is rather cheap. It takes an inordinate amount of skill for a single saber user to overcome the inherent superiority of staff/dual, and quite frankly at this point it is inarguable.

Egg is also right. Staff/dual turtle tactics are almost impossible for single users to legitimately beat without resorting to cheating/exploits like poke or yawspin. I once got so angry with it that I counter-turtled an annoying, obviously skill-less counter-only staffer with yellow. The fight lasted like five minutes but I won with 10 HP left. **** like that should not have to happen.

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