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Jax spun and felt a rush of excitement. He felt alive. But his brain was working very fast suddenly he had a rush and he felt the power rush through him....the power of the force. Jax had never experienced anything like was was unbelivable. Jax swerved a Tie fighter and fired a missile at a Tie interceptor that was tailing V-5.
Jax felt as if he could take on the whole world......

a stooped figure sat in a chair watching the battle. He was too far away to be afftected and his ship was neither imperial or alliance. infact his ship was barely visable to the naked eye. He thought hard....somewhere in a mountain it is written that "the one who changes the sands of time will forever be condemned to an eternity of tourment" but this one was something else. He was changing the past but he was a jedi....a jedi? the jedi were could this maggot possibly be a jedi? he coughed and snapped his fingers instantly a man appaeared next to him...
"Yes master?"
"Fetch me my data pad"
"Right away sir" the man bowed and left
the stooped figure stood up and let his robe fall off. Benteath was shiny red armour this boy was no jedi....and even if he was....he would be dead before the day was out...but no another jedi? but this one's path wasn't layed out as clearly...either way these two were threats beyond what the imperials or the alliance had ever seen....they were something different.....


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