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Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
The range deficiency the staff/duals have is laughable since they don't slow down the user like red style, the greatest saber in terms of range does. Thus, the staff or dualler can move back a bit, watch the legit red user miss, then go for the fast diagonal for an easy hit due to the slowdown.
A jump seems to work well enough.

Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
The chaos of dual/staff works for their advantage, as you can pretty much let it do its thing and it'll let you win most of the time.
Not against a player that knows what he/she is doing.

Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
It takes an inordinate amount of skill for a single saber user to overcome the inherent superiority of staff/dual, and quite frankly at this point it is inarguable.
I seem to manage fine.

Name: Fusion (or tehfusion).
Game Type: Capture the flag.
Mod: Basejka.
Saber Type: Saber staff, or single saber.
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