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LV, you appear miffed at the staff because you lost to one. There is a simple solution: Get better! I have to get better. If so powerful, the staff is, why do I lose with it? Hmm? I am no n00b, but I can lose. (Or maybe because in JA+ my Force Powers were unbound for some reason.) I am more suited to a NF duel, I suppose, b/c in that FFA game I was pwned in, the killers just used Grip all the time. Just about as cheap as the Staff, IMO. Using only Grip and Saber Throw is a cheap way to win. Not to mention, I bowed to my opponent in FFA and he was not so inclined. Last time I do that.

Oh, yeah, another point. If the lightsaber you face is too good for you, you do know you can usually use Force Powers, or switch to another lightsaber? If you choose Single, that's fine. I chose the Staff, for no other reason than it is my preference. I use it so I am balanced with the other gamers. Esp. this: I do none of the following:
  • I do not use Backstab more than once in a row.
  • I do not use the kata unless it is three-on-one or worse.
  • I do not use twirl at all, it's a stupid move.
  • I do not sneak up on someone in an FFA game.
  • I bow before a duel match.
  • If I use kick (yes, I do) then I wait for him to get up, or take that time to use Heal.
  • If my opponent has lost his saber, I wait for him to pick it up.
  • I have preset "say" commands congratulating my opponent, or berating myself if I do something n00bish (like falling off a cliff)

Yes, accidents do happen, like if we are playing base MP and he starts chatting, if I am in the middle of a swing, I may hit him. I do apologize.

The lightsaber is a weapon of honor in combat, and it galls me that there are some who abuse it. You are right there. But I am not one of those people. The saber staff really has identical range to the single. Here is why:

The staff usually attacks in a way that one blade attacks, and the other flails in midair. So, if there are two attackers, one in front and one off to the side, the staff may kill both at once. But so can your Red Stance. Even Yellow has a crack at killing one and wounding the other. Blue... you are usually moving around so fast it doesn't matter.

Dual sabers are better than the staff, IMO, because you are capable of attacking with one saber and throwing the other. You need 133t skills to pull that off, but it can be done. If you do, you can kill two at once. Just like the Staff. And like Red Stance.

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