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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
A jump seems to work well enough.

Not against a player that knows what he/she is doing.

I seem to manage fine.
1) Two problems with that. One, it is unreliable and you may get hit anyway due to the still-remaining slowdown. Two, it is extremely predictable, and since the staff/dual user is not under slowdown, they can easily meet you in midair after they realize what you are doing. So no, it does NOT 'work well enough'.

2) You keep telling yourself that... I've studied the topic of JA lightsaber combat extensively ever since the game came out (and even before with such JK2 mods as ForceMod II that had more styles), and it is DAMN clear that staff in particular (especially forward diagonals) has this nasty tendency for its attack to just get right past opposing single sabers even when they are clearly about to meet for a head-on collision. Heck, I've somehow gotten damaged by such a thing after a flawless red right-left back-to-forward diagonal sweep into a jump for headshot kill. Saying staff's chaotic nature doesn't almost universally help it is a joke.

3) Yay you. Got anything better than 'oh I don't think so' type statements? Better than my year+ period of experience in studying this matter, having dueled with some of the nastiest opponents on Bladeworks repeatedly and even won somewhat consistently (no jokes here, the better ones are absolute horrors)? I have seen it time and time again: At higher levels, a singler pretty much needs to use cheats or very Euro dodge tactics to beat a staff or a dual user even remotely consistently.


StaffSaberist: Oh please. You have no argument even worth considering except your personal experience, which chances are are pretty meager compared to my own.

While it is so that staffers can lose to singlers, it usually only happens consistently if the singler is notably better skilled in comparision, and/or the singler has read the opponent. The reverse is not even remotely true, as staff chargers for example have a one-size-fits-almost-all strategy that works on the grand majority of single NF duel opponents with no need for alteration (it's even nastier if they turn fast, but that's not as outrageously exploitative as red or yellow style doing it).

The only time Red has a chance or doing a forward and backward kill is either when one of the oppoments is at the very end of the arc, i.e. not really behind but more to the side, or on AN EXTREMELY LUCKY overhead. Yellow does not arc as much as that is even rarer without yawspin.


This is ridiculous. You two haven't been able to objectively contradict a single thing I've said on this issue. This is almost a waste of my time, but alas I like forced education.

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