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Well, that's not as easy to answer as it seems. To begin with, there are many "arts", like applied arts, performing arts,
However, I think that I should center on the Visual and Fine Arts. Unless I am mistaken, the arts are:
-[I need help with this one; Opera or Poetry, perhaps?]
Though recently, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and believe it or not even video games, are being considered art forms.
Unfortunately, even though I would love to, I am no expert on the subject, and due to exams I have no time to reaserch on the topic.


Are Web Series taped/filmed, or just recorded, as a radio serial?
Well, since the concept of art is a very controversial thing lately, I guess a story teller could be taken as an artist...

Speaking of radio serials, does anybody happen to like 'em as much as I do?
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