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I don't like the GOP for several reasons.

The first being that the President lied on several occasions.
  • In South America, he said, "We don't tourte." All while the VP was going around demanding that the CIA start.
  • The Iraq War (need I explain)
  • The CIA Leak. Did so just to get back at Wilson and violated the Nat'l Security Act.
  • Tom Delay

Secondly...abortion and Gay Rights. I'm neither gay nor a woman...but I stand for both of those. A woman (regardless of the situation) has a right to an abortion and Gays are deserving of the same Civil Liberties that all US Citizens are granted. Including marriage. It is not for the government to decide who can and cannot get married.

Third...Gun Control. Assault Weapons need to be banned and the Gun Industry and vendors must be held liable for deaths that are caused because someone was not check properly or through other illegal activity. Guns are different from cars and that was the GOP reaching out on their typical limb.

As for the V. President...
He stepped way over his authority and harassed other Executive Office officials to make them start to toutre people. How can we expect rouge nations like China and N. Korea to not tourte our citizens when we authorize it?

One "GOP" policy I do agree with however is State's Rights. The 10th Amendment needs to be enforced with things like Education.

"No one can stop the Empire now" say Star Destroyer Capitans. I like to add, "...even with me at the controls."
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