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so many people on this site do 67... that is honostly when you know you need a life

79) You think what classes and levels and skills the characters in the movies would have

80) You get excited when you see a make your own lightsabor kit at walmart (they have them there 30 dollars and awesome... you can make your own hilt and blade color)

81) When noone is looking you have imaginary fights with your custome made lightsabor

82) You and your friends have big group fights with your toy lightsabers (yeah we do that)

83) (more from D&D then KOTOR) You wonder what characters in non star wars movies or in real lifes stats are, like when someone picks up a car you go wow they must have like 20 strength, or you debate when someone is persuasive if they have high charisma, skills in persuade, or just rolld good

84) You suffer withdrawel cause you dont have an xbox at college and cant play knighty olds, even though you beat it countless times (me)

85) You get all excited about making a new character to get bummd out when you realize you gotta play through paragus or worse taris

86) You have played so many times but you still play the training module just as a change of pace
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