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That was intended as a joke, right? If you actually studied an entire year, you need to get out more, and/or play more JA. After your year of studying, the game has changed drastically. People now know how to find the flaws with the Staff, and they have defeated them. I was not the only staff wielder in that FFA game, there were several others. They used tactics identical to mine, and they were SABERED. In fact, we staffers were 4th, 5th, and 6th out of 8-9 (the ninth dropped in and out, probably a slow connection) Not the worst, but far from the best that game.

No, I cannot speak for the others. But they sure as hell didn't act like they were n00b's. They fought well, and there were plenty of points traded. I got several kills quickly - then they caught on.

I have no arguement? I do not spend years comparing charts and tables that OTHER USERS CREATED, it's a waste of my time. I speak from the battles I have fought, the kills I have scored, and the unbelievable defeats I've gotten. Like, getting good hits on an opponent, seeing him swing in Red, I try evasive, I succeed, and charge again - next thing I know, I'm dead. This is not normal, I lose less than 20% of my duels. I may not be so good at FFA, (thought I'd try, though) but I am *not* a n00b by *any* means. Here's to you, LV.

As long as you try to dissect me, I'll give it a try. YOU appear to be pissed off because you lose to staves all the time. Do you realize all the swings of the Staff are nearly the same? The only difference is whether the attack is in front, to the side, or top-down, which I might add, is a BASIC move for all sabers, heck, blasters can do that if you snipe.

Meager, eh? Don't turn this into a flame war; we will both get banned for it. We are not argueing about skill, we are argueing about the sabers themselves. Don't confuse using your experience as an example with using that as your entire arguement. Don't be ridiculous, Raven balanced these sabers. The benefits of the singles are that many more 133t comboes are possible, the dual advantage is the ability to throw and melee strike, and the staff has more raw damage - if you are dumb enough to let it hit you without trying evasive.

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