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Post What's your favorite version of the Trilogy?

A lot of different versions of the Star Wars classic movies have been made and shown over the years. The last DVD set contained modifications to the visuals and audio previously never seen before. The Special Editions radically changed some parts of the movies and did slight tweaks to others. Even back in the early 80's, Lucas was making changes to Star Wars. So what do you think?

Okay, I realize that Lucas has chosen only to release his "definitive vision" the Lowry Digital enhanced 2004 set, onto DVD... (twice in fact, including the "limited edition"), but be honest here.

What are your favorite versions of the original Star Wars Trilogy, and why?

I'm not asking what people own in their collection, though feel free to share if you like (it may be rather difficult to own the original reels for example) but of the stuff you've seen, what's the best to you?

No need to get into a big debate over whether or not Lucas is a good director or has a right to change his mind or his work, but tell what you like or don't like about each version and why you chose what you did.

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