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Originally Posted by AxeWindu
79) You think what classes and levels and skills the characters in the movies would have
I started a thread about that .

Originally Posted by AxeWindu
85) You get all excited about making a new character to get bummd out when you realize you gotta play through paragus or worse taris
That is strangely familiar also... And nice, Hallucinaton

88) You meditate for hours in you room. When asked what you are doing, you say that you are calming youself so that you will not be taken over by rage when you are doing your homework.

89) You stick pins in yourself wondering which one gives you immunity from critical strikes.

90) You start a search for a source of Kolto that is called "the fountain of youth."

91) You are watching Star Trek and when Picard reaches for his phaser you think he is going to pull out a lightsaber.
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