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Following up on those,

92c) You have erotic dreams that you are Bastila's underwear (someone said they dreamed this once).

93) You keep waiting in life to find out that you were once an evil conquerer or were the son/daugher of one.

94) You learn the hard way that when you get killed, even if you are in a group you don't get back up when the fight is over.

95) You download your four favorite mods and you learn they all conflict with each other.

96) You decide to live once as a Jedi and once as a Sith when you get reincarnated. Only problem is, you find that you get only one chance at life; you don't get reincarnated. Or,

97) You actually do miraculously get reincarnated; Only to find out that you got reincarnated as a Gizka with no force alignment.

98) You find yourself humming "Vader's Theme" when you are really mad.

99) You start drooling at the computer screen every time Handmaiden, Visas, or Bastila walk by your character.

Guess what, it is number 100!!!!! Here it is:

100) You get so enamored with Jolee Bindo that you start a religion called Bindoism and attract hundreds of followers.

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