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You think I can construct a series of 1,000+ character posts speaking of the more mechanical aspects of saber vs. saber combat out of no observation data against some of the most badass and some of the most laughable staffers, dualists, and singlers around? Of course my NF saber duel experience is valid, it is beyond extensive. Furthermore, you can't say mine is invalid without invalidating your own. The difference is that I have been able to describe very clear ability differences that are readily observable with extended play.

I actually don't lose to staves all the time, usually I dominate them utterly (unless they can one-shot me due to Meatgrinder's double damage). Kindly don't attempt to discern why I say what I say when I've already indicated why I do so: It is inherently obvious that there is an imbalance that puts the singler at a disadvantage versus the other two saber types. Regardless of my (actually pretty stellar for a non-cheating single) record, this near-fact remains regardless of your bluster.


The slashes for staff are nearly the same, yes... Almost universally unbalanced.

Side slash? Superior to almost all others, only dual side spam exceeds its power due to its greater arc. Fast, forever chainable, good damage, tendency to knock away single sabers.

Overhead slash? Fast guard breaker with high chance at standing headshot damage. Only dual gets a better ovehead attack because of its screwed up ability to get a consistent headshot on somebody BEHIND the attacker.

Forward diagonal slashes? Fastest and best in the game with the potential to easily ignore single guard while providing fairly decent defensive power itself. It is also infinitely chainable with almost no speed penalty, thus allowing the staffer to mow almost anything down.

The only slash even remotely average is the underside slash back to forward.

Defensive manuevers of the staff? Well, let's see...

Backflip: So fast you really can't jump after it even remotely consistently. Good recovery time allowing for a jump-away if the enemy gets close, but nonetheless inferior to...

Side flip: Nigh unstoppable (especially if wiggled), if the enemy gets close to attack they risk getting suddenly damaged with decent chance of getting headshotted. Staff recovery on landing is minimal, allowing a jump-away almost immediately, killing the idea of a semi-consistent lunge counter. Has this nasty tendency to block standing diagonal red strikes utterly due to impressive defensive power.

Not even DUAL has a defensive resume this badass short of ass-fighting (just using dual backstab while backing up into the enemy with overheads. In DBS somehow the totally still second blade is lethal and has practically absolute back defense, even trumping the nearly almighty and unbelievably cheap spun butterfly) and Double Lunge.


You've provided no mechanical argument to refute my claims, only conjecture. Surely you can do better.

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