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Rockstar Games' Controversy

Rockstar games are a British game developer who publish with Take Two Interactive . They are best known for the Grand Theft Auto series, one of the best known modern game franchises and one which many saystarted a whole new genre. Another famous series produced by Rockstar is the MaxPayne series of games.
You've probably heard about them lately, as they have been in the media spotlight due to the violent nature of their games. Whether it's GTA, an original kind of naive game; GTA:Vice City, much more vilent and explicit; GTA:San Andreas, which has now been practically pushed off the market due to an alleged sexual content which deserved them an "18+" ESRB raiting; or the soon-to-come Bully, where they practically incentivate school violence.
For crying out loud, a recently imprisoned person, alleged that he had murdered some policemen 'because of GTA'.
The actions of this company have spawned a lot of crticism towards, not only their company, but video game violence in general; many think that legal meassures should be taken against them, and probably begin a crusade against violence as well.

So, what's your take on the issue?

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