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Tanos scowled. "And you think one person will make that much of a difference?"

"If I am that person it will," Emara answered. "Tanos, you've seen me in training. You know what I'm capable of."

"Which is why I don't want you there," Tanos replied. "You're aggressive, impulsive. On a battlefield, that sort of fighting can get you killed. You're not going up against a single foe. There are many. You have not been trained in that."

"You left us ten years ago, Tanos," Emara reminded him. "My training did not stop with your departure."

Ever wandered by and Tanos stopped him. "Ever, do you think my sister should join us in battle?"

Ever eyed Emara for a moment. "Can she fight?"

Tanos groaned and sent Ever away.

"Three against one, brother," Emara said gently. Tanos' eyes blazed.

"It was never a vote," he snapped. "Emara, listen to my words. You're staying here!"

Emara gave him an icy glare and left him alone with Caer.

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