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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
And I haven't?

Got anything better than "you will get dominated", "do not argue with me" type statements?

"You keep telling yourself that..."

So what's the problem? Do you cheat then?
1) You have not demonstrated even remotely extensive knowledge on the subject by way of valid counterpoints, so I'd have to say... no. No you haven't.

2) Well, how about the series of monstrous posts I have made quite clearly illustrating the dramatic technical abilities of the various saber types? You know, the posts you seem to have so much trouble responding to with valid counterpoints, giving out one sentence quips (that I have effortlessly crushed as I am doing now) regarding specific details and ignoring the rest?

I dare an objective person to step up and tell me where I'm wrong in if they have the ability to do so. If I'm wrong, prove it. Do what the two fools who have been arguing against me have been unable to do with knowledge, and have been trying to do with conjecture and insinuation.

3) This is effectively forced education... You refuse to see the truth in what I've written, but in the very least I'm going to drill it into the skull of every objective observer of this thread that you are dead wrong. It's rather telling that no one has stepped to your defense with a half-decent argument.

4) Might want to post the rest of the first statement... You know, the 'AT HIGHER LEVELS' part. My second statement has no such qualifier, which means that it indicates a subjective average overall result based on all players I have fought.

Surely you can argue better than this... You had to misquote me to get one of your four one-sentence points for crying out loud.

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