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Thanks Mr Tetra! I created the uti folllowing Achilles's "Item Property Editing Tutorial" ( I know this is old.... but I wanted to understand the inner working of a .uti.) Basicially I extracted it with the tool and then used the bioware editor (and) kgff to "hand edit" the properties. Dont know what really happened with the numbering of the structs, since all I did was copy/paste and then edit each one I pasted. I followed the tut to the letter (welll at least all of the steps), and was very carefull in cross refrencing the various tables, so I dont see what I could have done to cause the problem...... I do remeber thinking it was odd that the structs were all zero when I opened it again in Kgff later............

Thank you for the feedback, I'll keep your responses in mind. While editing my .uti the "old" way was informative ( I did manage to create a working version of this file doing it by hand.... it was later that this one got screwed up), I think I'll just stick to using KT's gff editor from the gitgo.

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