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ahahhahaha!!!! this is hte 6th time i played hoth, and i still acn't beat it, stay in the trench? with all those rebs toss nades like h**l at you!??!??!!?!? are you crazy?
i just can't beat it!!!!!
i ahve general medal level so i make 4 bots follow me, and THEN waht happsn?!?!?!?!?!? they get incinerated by ONE bothan!!! ONE!!!!! that just freakign sucks!!!!!!!!!! i need seroius help!!!!!!!!
alough killing the queen's jedi is hecka easy 1 rocket does it and on the deathstar mission where you have to kill the jedi i cliped him with 1 rocket BEFORE they displayed the objective, lol....
the queen is not hard,after all, not many heros can take a rocket to the face, not even that geonosian dude who stole boba/jango fett's wrist rocket luncher (yes, he has a wrist rocket luncher)... lol

"He's no good to me dead"-Boba Fett
"This doesn't concern you, jedi."-Boba Fett
"He doesn't take a hint, this guy."-Jango Fett
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