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Originally Posted by RpTheHotrod
Gonna make this short and simple.

It depends on the user. Generally, staff is easy to spam and get random kills...hence the reason many swarm and use it in a terrible spamming way. They really have no clue how to use it other than spamming. This has caused poor reputation for the staff. Why? Most people have no idea how to use it in a skillfull matter.

Groups of people should not lookdown on people for using any saber until they see how they handle the saber. More than likely, it will be another noob staffer, true...but not always.

In my case, I taught myself how to master the staff with carefully timed, individual swings...much like using it like a single. No sweeps, no spam, no specials, not even butterfly unless it's absolutely neccessary.

There are skilled staffers out there, which is why I'm a popular staffer....I'm no noobsticker. It just takes a lot of effort and skill to pull it off...which is what most are too lazy or unable to practice.

Single can kill in one good swing. The trick to survive it is mastering evading and blocking while successfully getting in and out without being touched.
Exactly. ^^
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