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Guys, apart from the dedicated servers there IS a place to play, at least last time I checked. Install Gamespy arcade and you can search for people who have the game installed (assuming you have it installed and configured GSA to know that) and then invite them to your room for a game of JK/MotS.

You can use Qtracker to find servers, but only if the people are using QT uplink to host on it...

But the best way to get a game going is the old fashioned way, to organize it beforehand and then meet up and play. You can't just host a game and hope people will join, sadly, those days are long past.

Rbots is great, I just wish they had retained the classic sabers instead of trying to force you to use a glowblade varient (cool as it is, sometimes I just like the look of old school!).

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