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Hm. I didn't find anything, right there. A shame. Somebody should put one together. But yeah, nothing conclusive.

About the Staff breaking guard with diagonal hits: True, but not too many duelists hold still. Esp. if they are Blue Style. They try to run rings around the opponent. Heck, I do a lot of Force Jump during duels, it puts space between myself and my opponent, giving me a chance to use Heal/Drain. I never hang around while Red Stylists get a top-down hack on me. That's silly.

Speaking of strong side-swipes, holding down the Step Right key (D by default) does a side-swipe in Red Style that does the damage of Red style with the speed of almost Yellow. Then, during recovery, the player can do a backward roll to escape the ill effects of Red Style. You may test that one out for yourself; it works well, and is an excellent way to take 60+ HP of an opponent. And it isn't considered cheap unless that's all you do. If I play Red Style for a while, I use that if my Force Mana is depleted, and so is my health. I do that, and even the game a bit. Heck, that works well vs. Staves, or anything, except that irritating Ugnaught bot that just uses a blaster and runs. I rarely take damage from him...

Special non-force draining moves are your friend in combat. Blue style has a bottom-up slice that no other style can do. Yellow style... well, has few Dueling advantages, but is good for multiple opponents, esp. the backwards side-swipe, if you don't use it much.

My point is the Single Sabers has tricks up it's sleeve to counter the Staff and Dual sabers, even if those weapons do have more raw power.

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