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Personally, I despise the whole baseJKA saber combat system. There is an absurd number of illogicities and imbalances throughout the entire system.

Play staffsaber for an hour or two. Then switch to single saber blue style. Tell me how 'balanced' it is.

Things that annoy me:
Why do the staffsaber and dual sabers have FASTER animations than single saber BLUE stance?
Why does the red stance exist AT ALL? (LIGHTSABERS DO NOT WEIGH 20KG, PEOPLE!)
What's with the horribly inconsistent 'blocking'?

Personally, I'll stick with movie battles for my saber combat fix. Base JKA is only fun in single-player.. faaar too many lame saberists for me to enjoy myself. Besides the fact that the sabering system itself is ridiculous in all its forms. It was obviously tailored to the single-player campaign, and not much consideration was given to multiplayer balancing, if any.
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