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Originally Posted by Zyrusticae
Personally, I despise the whole baseJKA saber combat system. There is an absurd number of illogicities and imbalances throughout the entire system.


Personally, I'll stick with movie battles for my saber combat fix. Base JKA is only fun in single-player.. faaar too many lame saberists for me to enjoy myself. Besides the fact that the sabering system itself is ridiculous in all its forms. It was obviously tailored to the single-player campaign, and not much consideration was given to multiplayer balancing, if any.
There's no accounting for taste, but c'mon. If that isn't way off base.

The single player system is NOTHING like the multiplayer saber system. And the SP version is much more random and floaty than you'll see in even the laggiest games. Now if you want to talk about cheap moves, take a look at SP with their walking katas and spinning DFAs, etc. The only thing that prevents it from being over in .05 seconds is that the sabers do jack for damage (unless you turn on the carefully hidden morerealistic cvar).

And like many other folks, you judge the entire game based on the saber system, as if that's the only type of gameplay that exists.

Each to his own, but still, it sounds like you don't even remember what the regular game was like! Is Movie Battles II only about dueling? If not, then the same logic doesn't apply to that one either. There's much more than just sabering to this game...

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