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Originally Posted by Ralek
CraaaaaP! No i'm not saying this mod is crap i'm dieing to try it out but I can't get it to work. Everytime I put in the giveitem cheat for one of them I just get that grenade with no description What am I doing wrong? I'm putting it into the override folder.Please help me ;(
Sorry check the first post again, I made the changes seems in my rush to do the readme I forgot to change the TGA names to the UTI names which give the cheat #. Surprised nobody picked up on this sooner, my fault I'm gonna reupload the mod with a updated readme for those who already have the mod theres no need to redownload it just follow the cheat list from above. Sorry about that, glad you brought it to my attention or it may have went unfixed.

Originally Posted by Jedi_Knight_707
Can these be found ingame?
No they can't, It would of took a ton of extra time to learn how to script which is something I've never been good at anyways.

Fixed version is also available at PCGM -

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